Post your lowest wattage device found


I installed my Sense 7 days ago with 14 devices found so far with 6 of them definitely identified. The smallest draw found is the bulb in the freezer compartment of my refrigerator at 23 watts. My home is 1100 Sq Ft built in 1954 with a 50/50 mixture of original ungrounded wiring and modern grounded wiring. The Sense unit has found devices on the original and newer circuits equally so far. So far… so good in my opinion.


How were you all able to identify devices within devices?


Well in the case of the ice maker it looked like the typical pattern of an electric motor. So I started thinking of what motor could possibly only use 36 watts. I set alerts to notify me of when it went on. One day the alert went on while I was sitting in the kitchen and I actually heard the ice dropping. So I just started to pay attention to Sense when I heard it and was able to determine that it was that motor.


That makes, well, sense. One of the things I like about the Sense is how it’s made me think of not only my devices but the components that they are made of.

Because of that I’d like to see the ability to group devices. So if the Sense discovers all the components of my washer, I’d like to combine them into a single group to identify the washer’s total consumption, then have the ability to drill down to its individual components.


Based on a recent post by @BenAtSense, this feature may be coming soon…


I’ve got a 10 watt motor that comes on every 12 hours and runs for 50 minutes like clockwork. I think it’s probably a defrost timer for one of my fridges or the freezer. One of these days I’ll unplug each in turn and track it down. Until then I’ve just labeled it Defrost Timer.


Yes! As Nick said, the ability for users to merge devices is something that we are working on.


Had a batch of 5 new devices today, I’ve only figured one out so far, but its 31 watts and its my ice/water dispenser on the front of my fridge. :slight_smile: Although Sense hasn’t found the fridge yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


The first thing sense detected in my house was the 42 watt refrigerator light bulb. It must have a very unique signature because the recognition is instantaneous and accurate every single time.


Dan - Were you able to determine what this was? I have the exact same signature. I also considered the oven blower but it has come on the middle of the night when the oven hasn’t been run so I have no idea.


No, I’ve been lazy. I need to unplug each of my fridges for a while and see which one moves the motor. I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of timer.


I also have an unidentified 10 watt motor that runs for 50 minutes. I have been away from the house for a couple of weeks and it has only been running once a day and not always at the same time. I do not have much history for it because it was discovered, then disappeared, and is now back. But when I saw it before (when I was at the house) it ran several times per day. When I am back at the house I will try to track it down, but I would guess that it is one of the small fans in the refrigerator, as well. I have an old (~30 years) Sub Zero side-by-side fridge/freezer and it seems to have several fans and compressors - somewhat difficult to sort out!


I’m trying to track down Device 1 at 51 watts, avg run time is 58 mins. I have no idea what it could be since it comes on 2-3 times a day mostly at night. The electric signature looks like it does not track properly. It shows the watts up/down as normal for ~25 mins then it has a flat line for ~10-30 mins.


I see this a TON. So in reality your appliance is running for ~25min. Chances are it’s missing half the times it actually comes on, too. Maybe something in the fridge - ice maker part, defroster?


I have a Resmed S-9 which I use every night for sleep apnea. My buddy Bruce is an engineer who is fascinated with my Sense and is always checking in. I share my credentials so he can check it out. Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I realized that my “Other” ball was showing my inhalation and exhalation. The machine has variable pressure and adapts as I sleep. Below is a screen grab of our exchange. I saw this today after work and was amused.


I have an unknown device that uses 12w, average run time is 35min. I have no idea what it is.


61w aquarium heater being used to keep the chicken’s water from freezing.


My dishwasher shows as 1 watt between cycles. If its a bug, I kind of like it. It keeps the dishwasher bubble on screen the entire time its running.


I have a “Device 2” (still can’t figure out what the dickens is is) that shows up as either 3 or 4 watts…



My lowest device is the mechanism that delivers ice cube from the fridge. It uses 36 watts whenever O dispense ice.