New subtopic suggestion for device identification

@RyanAtSense @JustinAtSense, I had an idea for a new subtopic in the Device Detection area.

Maybe we can have a listing or a “library” of items that have been “clearly” identified, that is sorted by watt usage. Maybe in groups on 500w, so 1-500w, 501w-1000w, etc. This would have the watt usage, and then the devices that use that amount.

I know the device library is available, but you have to click on each one to see the details; there’s no way to search for a device that uses a “similar” value; what if you don’t know that your fridge defroster is roughly 400-500w? How would you know to look at fridges? That person only knows the watt usage and duration, not what device it might be.

I know devices sometimes use diff wattages, but for example, most of our fridges use 400-500w for the defroster, & that usually runs 10-30min once a day or so.This would make it easier for people who don’t know what that unknown “427w draw every ~22hrs” is, they can look in the 100-500w listing and see what devices it might be.

Just a thought.


This idea has come up several times and I really like it.
I could just create new tags for devices in the Community Device Library that are wattage ranges.
A few questions to see what would be most helpful here:

  • Permissions for posting new devices is currently limited to a select group of users for the Community Device Library. If we opened this up to everyone, I might also require new submissions to be approved by a moderator before displaying publicly in order to verify the accuracy of a post.

  • I like your idea for the thresholds. I would recommend creating a few more at the lower Wattage side, as more devices operate at these lower wattages: (1) < 50W (2) 51-200W (3) 201W - 500W (4) 501W - 1000W etc.

  • The big question here is whether we create a new subforum or add this to the existing posts in the Community Device Library. Open to feedback here.

No, I agree that not everyone should be able to post device X with wattage Y without some kind of verification or approval.

Also, I would like to ideally see a way to just sort the existing device library by wattage, not make another entire “new” device library; maybe just add this information to the existing database, just make it searchable/sortable by wattage.

I’m ok with the smaller ranges, but maybe that’s not even required if the database can simply be sorted by wattage, Low to High, or whatever. That makes it easy to know where to look, give or take X amount of watts.

I don’t know if simply adding tags to existing known devices would work, or if we could add the watt usage to the title or something.

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I’m going to take a look at this over the next week or so and try and organize what’s already in the library by wattage ranges. I believe having wattage ranges as a secondary sort option would be ideal, so they’re not just mixed in with the existing device tags in the device library.