Updates to the Community Device Library

I hope everyone’s doing well.

I’m here to bring a small update on some changes we’ve made to the Community Device Library, with a view of what else you can expect to see here in the coming weeks.

Wattage Ranges added to Community Device Library Posts

Previously, Community members were only able to search device posts by Device Type/Category (examples include: Water Heater, HVAC, Fridge, etc.). We’ve been gradually adding Wattage Ranges to each individual device post, enabling Community members to search the Community Device Library by wattage range and/or devices.

This is a great option for investigating unnamed devices that Sense may have detected. If you can see the average wattage of the unknown device, you can browse similar devices (based on their wattage) and see if you have any similar devices in your home. The goal is to provide some visual examples of similar devices and enable users to narrow down potential unknown devices based on similar submissions from the Community.

In the coming weeks, I will:

  • Open the ability for more Community users to post their devices to the device library (currently, this requires special permissions granted by a Community admin).
  • Updating process/procedure for posting a new device to the library
  • Gradually backfill the remaining historical posts that have not been tagged.

Please keep this thread limited to feedback on how I can make this update more helpful for users - very much open to feedback from folks here!

Device Wattage Ranges

Devices from 1W - 50W: Topics tagged 1w-50w
Devices from 51W - 100W: Topics tagged 51w-100w
Devices from 101W - 150W: Topics tagged 101w-150w
Devices from 151W - 200W: Topics tagged 151w-200w
Devices from 201W - 250W: Topics tagged 201w-250w
Devices from 251W - 300W: Topics tagged 251w-300w
Devices from 301W - 400W: Topics tagged 301w-400w
Devices from 401W - 500W: Topics tagged 401w-500w
Devices from 501W - 600W: Topics tagged 501w-600w
Devices from 601W - 700W: Topics tagged 601w-700w
Devices from 701W - 800W: Topics tagged 701w-800w
Devices from 801W - 900W: Topics tagged 801w-900w
Devices from 901W - 1000W: Topics tagged 901w-1000w
Devices from 1001W - 1200W: Topics tagged 1001w-1200w
Devices from 1201W - 1500W: Topics tagged 1201w-1500w
Devices from 1501W - 2000W: Topics tagged 1501w-2000w
Devices 2000W or greater: Topics tagged 2000w-or-greater