Announcement: New Community Waveform library


Forum users, it’s time to unite and share your favorite waveforms ! Many of you have requested a way to view and share characteristic waveforms of positively “found” devices. A group of intrepid Sense users, including @samwooly1, @jlj.pers, @mike_gessner and @RyanAtSense have worked together to create the start of the Sense Community Device Library under:

What’s in the Library ?
You’ll find two kinds of entries here:

  1. Fixed format, user submitted waveforms and associated information about the devices. The goal is to keep a simple fixed entry format so waveforms are easy to match against unknown ones.
  2. Transferred entries from the Device Detection category, where the original poster positively identifies the device.

How do I contribute to the Library ?
In two ways:

  1. Before we scale up up to all user entry, we’re looking for an additional 10 or so motivated forum users who would like to contribute their waveforms to the library in the standard format - First come, first serve by PMing @kevin1 and @RyanAtSense. Once we get feedback from these additional users and are sure that device library entry will scale smoothly, we’ll open up entry to a broader set of users. More info on submitting entries here:
    How to Submit a New Device Library Entry

  2. If you created a topic in the Device Detection category that you eventually positively identified, PM @kevin1 and @RyanAtSense with a link to that topic. We’ll transfer it to the Community Device Library once you have provided the requisite details on how it was detected.

How do I find waveforms ?
The library is organized for search. The entries contain the device type, make and model, as well as how they were identified, plus each entry is tagged with the Sense device type tag. More info on searching here:

How do I supply feedback on the Community Device Library ?
We’re actively looking for feedback on how to make the library even more useful going forward, while trying to balance the tradeoffs between ease of entry and quality. So if you have constructive feedback, leave it in a reply to the announcement thread.

Big Thanks to:
@samwooly1, @jlj.pers, @mike_gessner and @RyanAtSense !


This was really spearhead by the moderation team, so big thanks to @oshawapilot and @MachoDrone as well. I had little to do with it beyond pushing buttons and setting permissions :wink:

Super excited about this though! It should really making nailing down to unknowns a lot easier.


Thanks to everyone who worked on this. I do think this is an outstanding resource, as “ID by eye” looking at the waveform can supplement a lot of the identifications that Sense has trouble with. Having examples of a few fridges, a few microwaves, a few ovens… can really help us in seeing whether some unknown device may or may not be one of those. Hopefully people can contribute some more, esp. folks who have smart plugs and thus the highest quality waveforms.

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Most of my smart plugs are on “boring” devices with switching power supplies. But I have a couple extras. I’ll toss one on the microwave and find some other good devices.