Name plates provide ground truth

Name plates, such as the one shown here from our dishwasher, provide clear evidence of the model number of major appliances and other electrical equipment. If the device inventory accommodated inclusion of nameplate images, the homeowner would have a clear record of device names, model numbers and often serial numbers. If devices identified by name plate were marked in the device inventory, then the sense data team would have a reliable library of ground truth pertaining to each device. This could improve device detection, and could also be shared in an enhanced version of the Community waveform library!


I love the suggestion for including this in the Community Device Library, @lee. We’ll take a look at how we could do this on our end/if there is extra value here in adding this to the template for new posts.

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This Old House, where I’m sure a lot of us learned about Sense, featured an app called Centriq which they called a whole house organizer. It’s free so I figured “what the hay, what’s one more app?” It works really well actually! I’ve taken some good photos and it finds them right away. I’ve taken some okay photos and it finds them in a day. It found our washer and dryer which are both over 20 years old, and a similarly old microwave, including the manual. Not sure what library or device detection they’re using, but that might be able to make Sense’s input of data easier on the backend.


Not only all that… It will watch for recalls… Which could be life saving… Have all our appliances in the app… Later…Gerry

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This is very cool! It would be great if sense integrated with Centriq so homeowners could maintain one comprehensive device inventory.

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