Name after discovering a new device

After installing Sense I configured the home portion of the app to specify the makes and models of all of the devices in my home. The first item it picked up was the refrigerator, but it did not take the data I entered for the one refrigerator I have. I entered it as the devices, but it seems redundant and unnecessary to enter the data for the device in the Home section only to have to re-enter it when it is found.

The information you entered is being used on the backend for now from what I understand.
Part of the problem with information transferring over is let’s say you have three refrigerators, which one does Sense match to the detection. What if the detection isn’t a refrigerator at all but is a freezer or dehumidifier?

Welcome “J” to the Sense world. I agree w. Sam… that initial info will theoretically help Sense program to identify devices… but it’s not absolute - and may have no direct impact on your systems ability to ID your devices. If you have just installed Sense … be patient. It will take a few days, and then weeks to ID devices on your system. As it listens, and collects your data, and compares the power wave forms with their data base, it will begin to suggest devices.

The fun part is you still need to play detective to confirm the validity of the find. Think of it as a new hobby. Be patient… it’s not an exact science.

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