Different readings

My Sense monitor identified a device and named it Heat 2 about a week ago. It was on very briefly. I turned on again last night. It reads 1099 watts. Have not been able to identify it. Any devices that would use that much wattage has been identified. It has been on for over 9 hours. I looking at the “Now” information it states I’m over using about 800 watts. The “Devices” screen states over 1600 watts. Why is there a difference? Screen shots attached.

The bubbles are estimates. If Sense misses the off signature of the device turning off, the bubble will show up. Tap the bubble to open the device, go to manage, report a problem, device is not on.


Hey @bmarcella1948 - I’ll let others chime in here with their thoughts, but a few things for you here:

  • Including a view of the Device Power Meter allows community users to see how the device waveform looks, so i would recommend including that in these posts in the future.

  • I recently added wattage ranges to the Community Device Library, allowing users to browse community submitted devices by wattage. There are only a couple devices in this wattage range right now, but I’ll be categorizing more today. I recommend checking out the wattage ranges to see what types of devices typically operate similarly:


I followed your instructions and it no longer shows as on.

One likely sign of a missed off-detection is Total Usage (770W) being larger than the total of listed devices in the on list (1609W). Could also be caused by double counting of smartplugs (in your case no) or an Always On that is temporarily too big.