Can’t figure this one out


Sense detected as a washer. It runs almost 24 hours a day (though not completely), almost always at 35w. It periodically drops to 1 for a while.

I have a hot tub but it didn’t turn off when I turned the breaker off (hot tub heater is already discovered)

I have an outdoor fountain, but that pump is 8w

Drawing a blank on Anything else to check.


How about a Dish or Directv DVR?
This is my Dish Hopper


when a new device is detected, the first step I take is to turn on notification for “on” & “off”… that way I can begin to look for devices on/off through the house… after I ID the device, I turn the notification off…

35W is too low for a washer… what other types of community names does it give you?

this is likely a small motor or pump… something with a cycle that adjusts constantly… maybe a recirc pump if you have one on your hot water system…


It rarely seems to turn off. I’ve been turning things off with no Luck.

It says light (but that’s high), electric vehicle (but that’s both already identified and not plugged in), heating pad and electric blanket (no), havac (too low and not on 24/7), and stove (same - too low and not 24/7)


Do you have something like a DVR or Cable box? Mine shuts off for one hour a day to update but otherwise runs constantly
Can you spread the waveform for a more detailed look?


Computer(s), DVR, CRT, cable modem, etc? Most homes have lots of things always running that consume hundreds of watts/day.

This is actually a bit low for a CRT display, but could well be a computer with display off. It’s a bit high for a single cable modem, but of course you may have multiple, like we do.


New screenshot attached.

No dvr. I do have three Apple tvs


If you could spread it out more where you can see the start of a cycle it would tell you more. It appears that it’s a motor or compressor of some kind. These devices have a very high spike at the time they turn on but then level out.
Here is my freezer compressor. Sorry I don’t have a better example, Sense doesn’t do motors well in my hone.
I believe @HiTechRedNeck may be correct. Do you ha e hot water recirculation?


But cable modems don’t fluctuate in wattage and turn on/off


I have satellite so not sure about cable modems. Mine fluctuates wildly because of the DVR function. It’s recording up to six shows at a time to the hard drive. The first screenshot I put above shows what it looks like.


I think this is more than that…even all three


Like this?

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Generally no, but some (particularly those with integrated DVR) do fluctuate.


Yes, exactly.
Now it doesn’t look the same as before being zoomed in. There are some small spikes but also very level spots.
I’m stumped
I can see why Sense thought it was a washer. Looks ver similar to mine with a couple of steps and a small spike


@jshorr2 - Can’t help but notice the ‘5G’ in your screenshot. Care to share a screenshot of a speedtest? :slight_smile:

My outside guess for your device is a battery charger/maintainer of some sort?


Yeah, I can’t think of what that would be. No UPS, no other large batteries. I do have an electric car, but this stays on even when that’s not running.

What’s weird is that, whatever this is, seems to have come out of the “always on” pool, because this is almost always on and my other pool is often 0 at night.


For the last hour it’s been holding tight at ~40w with periodic very short spikes to exactly 100w



got a computer or laptop that is in sleep mode? these could be wake up cycles from the network card and hard drives… either that or it could be the apple TVs… tried to google power specs, but that must be the nation secret… look at the label on the bottom of an apple tv and tell us what the wattage is… if it only gives volts/amps, volt x amps = watts… since you have 4, they could all be giving off the same ID and being totaled together in the eyes of Sense…


No computers plugged in 24 hours. Unplugged Apple TVs and it didn’t go down


really hard not knowing what else is in your home… tankless water heater? do you know if you have a recirc loop/pump? what part of the country are you in?