I Have Been Trying To Figure Out What (Not Washer) Is For Months


When a device is incorrectly identified by Sense, I put it in brackets until I can correctly identify its true identity. The first device discovered by my Sense upon install 6 months ago was “Washer” … which I changed to (Not Washer) until I can track it down. 6 months later and I still can’t figure out what it is. IT’S MAKING MY FACE TWITCH …


Have you looked at the “stats” pave in devices to see how many times it comes on, for how long and average Watts’s used?
It’s showing using 15 watts on the bubble but is it always the same or does it fluctuate?


Yes, it comes on ~20 times per day, it typically goes from 1W to 14W and then back down to 1W, then turns off. I’m wondering if it could be some kind of charger topping off … iPad, iPhone, etc. Many of those are around 14W.


If you have chargoneing detected that’s good. Out of all of ours, none are so far.
Both my washer and dishwasher draw a very low wattage and down to 1watt at times. It’s after the washer finishes a load and is waiting for the door to be opened. The dishwasher does it anytime the door is opened and the LED screen is showing the status.
I think your right and it’s not a washer


Post a screenshot from the Device Power Meter view. It’s at the bottom of the device view in the app (not the web app though). Click on the Device Power Meter to get a close up snapshot plus one showing a day’s worth of activity. That can really help with sorting out.