Device 1 on/off thousands of times a month

This is one of the first devices sense detected and I’m at a loss.

Do you have a light bulb with a motion sensor or something?

My guess is a 60ish watt bulb, but without knowing your home etc. it’s hard to guess.

Can you post a close up of the power profile? It’ll probably help to ID it.

2765 times on in September.
2765/18days = 153 times on a day
153/24hrs = ~6 times on each hour.

I have a motion detector but all lights in and out of house are leds

Ups bumping the battery, Or something charging. That is an odd one.

Some newer devices will bump the battery up to full charge and then discharge to 95% or so and then bumped them back up. Could be a laptop tablet something of the sort.

Thank you. I unplugged both laptops and most of it disappeared. I’m guessing the rest is my wife’s camera battery charger.

Oh I’m glad you got some of it sorted out.

Thanks for the resolution. Probably your first detection due to the number of repetitions. What did Sense original detect the chargers as ? Usually Sense classifies as mystery motor, heat, fridge, etc. The classification is at the top of the device screen, but you swiped lower on the device page fro your screenshot. It would be interesting to see how Sense classified it when first detected the charger…

It was detected as device 1

So totally hint-free device :slight_smile: