New Device - Ran 7064 times already this month?!


Any idea on what this could be? I’m sure its something simple, but I just can’t think of what it is?

And Yes, I’m also a little worried that its something with a broken wire and my house is going to burn down :-o


Yeah that seems quite odd for it to have run that often already this month. That’s over 250 times a day, or at least 10 times an hour. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that would run that often for an average of 5 seconds.


Could be a light. Automated or fridge.
Sump/well pump.
attic, basement or automated fan turning on and off.
Fan in an electronics device that turns on and off (Computer, cable box, streaming box, amplifier)
fridge ice maker or water filter pump.


Thanks guys. I think its something small as its only 38w. Anything like a sump pump I would assume would draw more.

I guess I’ll have to turn on the alerts for the device and hit each of my breakers one by one until they stop.


At 38W, look for a battery charger sitting with a charged battery in it that is pulse charging to keep the battery topped off.


Hmmm yeah battery charger could definitely give that kind of signature. I have about 5 of them sitting in my garage that unfortunately have not been detected yet even though they should not be part of my always on as I do turn the power strip to them off during the week when I’m not actually working in there.


You sir, are a genius! I have my Vette on a battery tender. I’m not at home right now, but I bet you’re right!

I’ll confirm this evening!


so, I turned off the battery tender on the car. I also turned off all of my powertool chargers incase they are similar, but the Device is still going. I’ll try going through the breakers this evening to see if I can track it down.


Dang. Battery tender really sounded spot on to me. Let us know what you find as you keep searching.


A countertop water heater? Like a tea-keattle?
Mine cycles on/off every minute at 60w (stays on 5sec) to keep the water hot at 195F.
Do you have one?


So you have any motion sensors or dusk to Dawn sensors? If so, maybe it’s failing with false triggers?
Any led or florescent fixtures with bad bulbs or ballasts?
How is sense discovering this? Does it think it’s a motor or heat device?


Good thinking, I have a keurig, but its not used for more than a morning coffee.


Interesting thought. I do have 2 outside lights with a dusk/dawn sensor, but the sensor is broken so I just use it as a normal switched light. I’ll look into this more as its likely that its malfunctioning more than i though.


How is sense discovering this? Does it think it’s a motor or heat device?


Ok. This is interesting. You have my attention.

With the weekend coming up, you might want to flip a break and chill. That many cycles would mean over 9 per hour if they are evenly spaced. That once every 6 minutes. I based this on your number divided by 30 days, etc. if it wasn’t a full month, it will be even shorter intervals.

If it is a cyclical thing, hit a breaker and see if it stops. This will either tell you exactly what it is or narrow it to a room or area.

Other folks have found devices that were going bad so this might be a good find when you get it.


I have a Nissan leaf that does something like this when the battery is “almost fully charged” – it runs a very heavy load until the car is “mostly charged” and then it decreases over time but with a LOT of variance for a while, then as it gets “very nearly full” it just sort of pulses charge of something like 30-60W every 30 seconds or so. Shows up as a very distinct periodic function on the visible plot.