Device 1 Can't nail it down

So this device turns on for about 10 seconds at weird times like 3am or 8pm there is no rythm to it turning on, about twice a day. The way it turns on make me think a light but only stays on for 10 seconds then off again every time. Any ideas??


If it’s been detected as a device, next puzzle solving step is usually to set the app to alert when it comes on, having first made sure it won’t alert you at 3 a.m.!

It’s too low power for typical outside lights unless you have LEDs, in which case it could be motion detector switched.

Let us know what you find. The odd ones are often a component of a large appliance / system.

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Yeah I have the on off notifications turned on and yeah it sucks at 3am to get one but I can’t pin it down. and its only on for 10 seconds ever so it’s really weird. Makes me thing it is some kind of device that just a self test every so often like my Nest smoke detector or something. This is going to be a pin to figure out and of course it find a device like this but wont find my 500 lights i turn n ever day on and off :slight_smile:


Here is a history of it over the last 3 days. Just comes on at weird times and all over the place, if it helps anyone else help me figure it out. I went all over the house today unplugging stuff and nothing triggered it.

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Some kind of electronic device checking for updates when not in use? Outdoor motion sensor? A roomba doing a quick check to see if it needs a charge?

Looks like some refrigerator part - defrost or something.

Thanks Guys, all good things to look for, the defrost would make sense for my new Samsung fridge… I don’t have any motion detectors, but I do have intelligent everything in the house so trying g to narrow those devices down will be horrible as I cant unplug them sadly.

Looks like it is only around 60 watts, so I would assume that is not a defrost. Can you recapture the image from the top with the vertical line in the chart area so that the wattage is displayed in the corner?

@jdkarlen yes it’s about 60-62 watts… If you need a picture i can grab one again but I am assuming you just wanted it to see the wattage usage. Very perplexing this one… I am wondering now if it is a component of my furnace like the humidifier etc… I am assuming if it was the humidifier that the furnace would have to be on when it decided to put humidity into the air flow. SO maybe i can correlate the data to see if every time this device triggers the furnace is always on

I’ve seen my notebook computer draw about 45 watts for less than a minute at various times. I unplugged the charger from the notebook and the power blips disappeared and when plugged back in they returned. I think the battery was getting a brief charge rather than a constant trickle charge.

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