Fridge? Device

Sense found a device and named it Fridge (#9). It comes on for exactly 10 minutes every time. It can come on multiple times per day - or go several days in between cycles. Any ideas?

At just ten minutes, that’s not very long. Most cycle longer than that and I would expect them to skip any days. One thing to keep in mind about new detections is sense might not catch every on or off at first.
If you could go to your device power meter and provide more history to look at along with the wattage, Might be able to help.
I do think it could be a compressor or motor as the shaper spike at the beginning of the waveform is typical of startup loads for those devices.

80W peak,

I looked at all my detected devices and I don’t have anything that resembles that waveform at all. Not just in the amount of energy but also the shape.
I wonder if it could be a freezer Ice maker. Logic tells me that as the motor begins to turn to free up the Ice and push it out that it would be under a bigger load. Then as the rotation continued around and it got easier to push the ice (defrost would also be on) that the load would be at a minimum and more steady. I’m just going by thought and don’t have anything to back it up.