Heat device mystery


Me Sense has detected a heat device that runs for about 20 minutes per day, using about 150 watts. Since it is on about once per day, I suspect the defrost on the fridge, but that doesn’t make much sign that it’s running (no noise). Any thoughts on how to investigate this?

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Post an image of your wave form, like this:

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Here it is. Not much complexity to it,eh?

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There’s probably a lot of complexity in that teeny spike at the top of the leading edge… But at 1/2 second resolution (at best), most of that is lost.

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1/2 second resolution?

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Zoomed in at Max. Still sampled only at 1/2 s cuz that’s what the power meter does.


Finally got a chance to unplug the fridge while this device was on. Sure enough, it’s the fridge.