Unknown Heat Device

Sense detected a heat device shortly after install that I’ve been struggling to identify. It comes on at least once each day, but sometimes more, with typically 12 hours+ of space in between periods of usage, though sometimes less. When it does turn on, it’s always in groups of 3 to 5 on/off cycles. It consistently uses in the lower 400 W range, but sometimes it shows usage in the mid-300s, but only at the end of the first on cycle. It also shows a consistent trail in usage from start to finish, a difference of about 15 W.

Here’s what it typically looks like:

Any suggestions on what I could check?

Reading some other posts here, I may try to see if it’s the defrost heater in my fridge. I honestly didn’t even know that’s how frost-free freezers work, so if nothing else, at least I learned something!

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