Unknown Heat uses 400W and turn on about every 24 hours, please help

It turn on very consistently, almost every 24hours, and does not match up to anything we’re actively using. It uses around 400W every time.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. As for my larger appliances, I have:
Electric Stove
Electric Dryer
Gas Furnace
Gas Water Heater

Frost free refrigerator or freezer entering it’s defrost cycle is commonly the source of these sorts of loads.

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Agreed; I had something similar and it turned out to be the defrost cycle on our upright freezer. I was able to confirm it by hooking up a watt meter in line with the freezer, setting a notification for when the heat device turned on, and then running downstairs to check the meter when it popped up. Once it was confirmed, I merged it into the freezer device.

Our fridge we bought on 4th of July defrosts about 400W.
I could identify this thanks to HS110 smart plug integration.
My wife unplugged the smart plug at 3:04pm on DEC27. I think she hates me. lol

Thanks everyone! It’s definitely the defroster, but the device ended up getting deleted accidentally (some confusion when I contacted support), so I have to wait for it to show up again anyway!

Have similar situation. Seems it’s the refrigerator defrost

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