Help, device turns on over 800+ times a day... still don't know what it is

I need help identifying a device (currently labeled “device 1”) that turns on over 800+ times a day and uses around 90W while it’s on. Here are screenshots:

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hey there - the Community Device Library is an archive of devices uploaded by Community users. We’ve added wattage ranges for you to be able to search the library for devices using similar wattages. You can find devices from 51W-100W here:

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My first guess would be some kind of resistive heat - potentially a small refrigerator defroster? Do you own anything with a heating element in it?
Defrosters can be hard to track down, but I’ve seen several that operate at this frequency. The only thing that’s throwing me off is the wattage is less than I’ve seen in other refrigerators posted in the library.

Hi Justin, thanks for the quick reply. I have 2 refrigerators that still have not been detected.

  1. Built-in GE Monogram (

  2. Magic Chef Compact Refrigerator (

I’m assuming it’s #1, thoughts?

do you know which breaker it is on ? Switch it off for an hour & keep the door closed.
Will stay cold enough for an hour, if you see if didn’t show up in the timeline you have found it :wink:

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My guess is a pump. My condensate pump turns on anywhere from 10-30 times a day for 10 or so seconds each time and uses 80w. 30 is a lot less than 800 though. My old school fridge runs turns on 30x a day for 30 min and uses 150w.

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My Keurig did the same thing. I set it for an on and off time. That solved the problem.

I have the Magic Chef Compact refrigerator on a smart plug. The wattage is about 65 when it runs. There is no defroster in that fridge. See the signature of that fridge.

Thanks for the suggestion. I unplugged my Keurig for 30 minutes and unfortunately, “device 1” still turned on and off every minute or so.

Thanks, to test it out, I unplugged the Magic Chef refrigerator for 30 minutes and “device 1” still turned on and off almost every minute.

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I took your suggestion and switched off the breaker for 30 mins, and unfortunately it continued to turn on and off every minute or so still. Back to square 1. :slightly_frowning_face:

100w Aquarium heater? Bathroom towel warmer? It does appear to be some type of heating element.


since the sense meter is instantaneous with changes… i would just turn off breakers slowly until it stops… that will narrow it down to an area in your home.
but just because you turn the breaker back on doesn’t mean that activity will begin right away.

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Thanks, I figured it out… from process of elimination, it ended up being the Zojirushi Water Boiler and Warmer. Thanks for everyone’s help!