Heat1 came on in the summer

So “heat1” just came on.

Interesting… hardly anything on in the house. Its 90 degrees out so the heat isn’t on. Dishwasher and dryer are not on

Whatever it is, its taking 358watts

What time and how often does it come on?

Fridges and Freezers have defrost cycles that could use this much power.

Even A/C units have anti freeze units to prevent parts getting too cold. The electric assist heating units would draw a lot more than this, so it isn’t likely to be one of them.

been coming on and off alot in the last 30 mins
never seen this before
nothing that is heat related is on right now
Just had me curious…

From the sense app

Do you have a coffee maker?
Keurig or a regular drip coffee maker.
Anything that keeps stuff warm?

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Do you have a Keurig or similar appliance?

I have a normal coffee pot yes. It was off.

When its on (as it just was this early) it shows as other. Sense hasn’t detected it yet


You’ve got similar happenings to what is discussed in this thread:

It looks like a “wait-and-see” situation to me.

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