Help identifying "Heat 1" device

Hi there, Sense has detected a “Heat 1” device with an interesting signature that I haven’t been able to pin down yet. It turns on for approximately 15 minutes at a time every 12 hours or so, typically between 1:00 - 2:00 local time. Screenshot attached.

The semi-regular pattern (and the timing of the cycle in the middle of the night) suggests to me that it’s not anything human-initiated, but I’m struggling to think of an appliance that might be the culprit.

Likely a fridge/freezer defroster.

That said, correlate with peaks in the main Power Meter vs the detected device waveform.

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Definitely looks like fridge defrost as @ixu pointed out.
Look familiar?

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Ah - that makes sense. Thanks both of you!

I don’t see a way to manually trigger a defrost cycle on this refrigerator but the manual says a red glow emanating from the back wall vents of the freezer is normal during that process, so I guess I’ll use that as positive confirmation next time I’m around when Sense detects it :cold_face: Really appreciate the pointer in the right direction there.