Any ideas on this ‘Heat 1’device?

‘Heat 1’ switches on once per day. I’ve seen it at 11am, 2pm, 10pm, 1am, 3am (ie hard to see a pattern). Anyone have any ideas?

looks like it might be the refridgerator defroster to me

Same wattage range and daily cycle as a fridge defroster… Some users have posted a library of waveforms with a defroster being here:

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Thanks @Edison517 and @kevin1. Now to figure out how to test the defroster theory? I only have one fridge/freezer, but given I am only getting this signature once every 24 hours (approx) it will be hard to test. Any way to trigger defrost on a 5yr old LG fridge/freezer?

if possible the next time it shows up, go to your refrigerator if it’s in defrost the compressor will be off the fan will be off and possibly the light will be off and you my here some crackling as the coil is defrosting defrost cycles run approx. 20 minute +/- sometimes shorter, I can usually hear mine when it is in defrost when I’m in the kitchen. It’s also a Frigidaire about the same age as yours.