Strange Heat2

Sense has found a heat source that I’ve been unable to identify. It has been coming on twice a day, usually about 3am and again at 3pm. The start times doesn’t vary by much. It is always on for 15 minutes. I don’t have anything on a timer that matches this and it doesn’t come on in conjunction with any other devices. It draws about 400 watts. Anyone have suggestion about what it might be? I’ve included a screenshot of what the power meter in the apps shows for the device. Thanks all!

Brian… Just a thought it might be a frig defrost cycle… Hope this helps…Gerry

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I agree. Fridge or freezer defrost.

The tell is the 12/24hr cycle. It’s not usually “on the clock” so you can look back over time and see it shifting in absolute time but staying either 12 or 24hrs out from the last cycle.

Looking back at the history, the start/stop times are slowly creeping forward. This morning Heat2 came on at 4:20am. Heat2 runs for about 15 minutes each time it does run. It usually runs twice a day but occasionally it is only once a day. I do have an upright freezer in my garage and of course the freezer that is part of my kitchen fridge. I’ll watch for Heat2 to come on during the day and unplug the garage freezer to see if that shuts down Heat2. I’ll report back what I find, thanks for pointing me in that direction. I never thought about the defrost cycle.

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I’m in the midst of a deeper analysis on my fridge. I’ve gone from putting it on a smart plug to now dedicating a Sense to it. I’m waiting for the data to accumulate before doing a full analysis but in the meantime this is a recent post I did when the fridge door was left open by mistake. You can clearly see the defrost cycles. This is a modern 24" wide fridge with a small DC-inverter compressor so the average wattage is low and the defrost element is <150W:

+1 for a fridge defrost. I have a Heat 5 device that I think is my fridge defrost. It draws 500 watts, runs for 20 minutes, and over those 20 minutes slowly draws less wattage. Mine runs every 28 hours, or at least it did at the start of the month.

Found it with everyone’s help. It is the defrost cycle on my LG LFX25980ST fridge. I had turned on the alert for Heat2 turning on and when it did, I unplugged the fridge. Heat2 went away immediately. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!