Need help identifying a device

Currently out of town for the holidays so the house is basically as quiet as it is going to get. Sense has been running for about 2 weeks and is starting to identify some devices. It identified this device as “heat 3” but I’m trying to figure out what it could be. The device comes on about every 3 hours and runs for about 4 minutes. I thought it could possibly be the water heater but it’s not drawing enough current. My other thoughts was maybe it’s the deep freeze or the refrigerator.

Any ideas.?

Could be the heater for a frost-free freezer, though it seems to come on little too frequently and a little too ‘hot’. What do you know about your fridge or deep freeze ? frostless ?

I put my fridge on a tp link plug today, so I will keep an eye and see if it continues. My deep freeze is manual defrost so I don’t think that’s it. I may put a tp link plug on the freezer anyway to see how much power it’s using.