How to Isolate Heat 3?

Sense has found a device called Heat 3 that I cannot figure out what it is. It was on this morning for almost 20 minutes when almost nothing else was on except always on devices. It uses just over 200w but nothing is running. No furnace, no hot water heater, no dryer, etc etc. I’m about ready to have to start flipping off breakers next time it’s on to see if I can isolate it. Any other ideas?

My own Heat 3 ended up being the defroster heat inside the fridge. You could try if unplugging the fridge or turning that breaker off turns your H3 off.

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It can’t hurt to snap some screenshots of the power meter when you see it on and share here. A wide view as well as some closeups can help.

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Yep. I’ll vote this up. Sounds spot on for a defrost mode.

Don’t be fooled though if you unplug the fridge and the device (fridge) waveform doesn’t go off … it could still be your fridge.

If it comes on once every 24hrs it’s very likely it’s a defrost element (heater).

Refrigerator defroster might fit the description, but you didn’t mention how often it runs.

The device runs approximately once a day for about 20 minutes. I think it is the refrigerator defroster but have’t verified yet. I turned off our downstairs refrigerator last night when it was running and it stayed running. Next time, I’ll turn off the upstairs refrigerator and let you know. It has been interesting to learn that Sense can isolate subsets of a device. I am a little surprised it hasn’t identified the cooling part of the upstairs refrigerator because it figured that out for the downstairs unit a long time ago.

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Just note the caveats when you do the switching thing.

Make sure to view the overall Power Meter and not the Device power meter to verify the fridge-related usage.