Categorization for Fridge Defrost Heater

I recently figured out that a new “Heat 1” identified device was the defrost heater in my LG fridge. Pulling around 500-550w for exactly 15 minutes every day or two.

I’m curious what other Sense users have categorized this as. Do you categorize it as Appliance -> Fridge? Or as Heating -> Other Heater? It is a heater. That happens to be part of the fridge :slight_smile: Also curious if either of those is more helpful from Sense’s aggregate-learning perspective.


I reported this separate detection, along with the fridge on an HS110 smart plug (with graphs) for my Samsung refrigerator on this thread:

Not sure about categorizing it, since I rely on the detection of the whole fridge with the smart plug.

BTW welcome to the Sense community. I’ve found it to be a great (and pleasant) place to learn…

for what it is worth, i also have detected “Heat-3” (i think it was 3) and realized it was my fridge defroster heater. I literally put my hand on the inside door frame when it said it was on and confirmed that indeed it was the heater heating up the door frame (and whatever else inside). I think i left it in the fridge category but named it Fridge Defroster Heater. No clue what affect the name has on future learning or categorization but i tried to keep things as accurate as possible to what the device was.

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