Categorization for Fridge Defrost Heater

I recently figured out that a new “Heat 1” identified device was the defrost heater in my LG fridge. Pulling around 500-550w for exactly 15 minutes every day or two.

I’m curious what other Sense users have categorized this as. Do you categorize it as Appliance -> Fridge? Or as Heating -> Other Heater? It is a heater. That happens to be part of the fridge :slight_smile: Also curious if either of those is more helpful from Sense’s aggregate-learning perspective.


I reported this separate detection, along with the fridge on an HS110 smart plug (with graphs) for my Samsung refrigerator on this thread:

Not sure about categorizing it, since I rely on the detection of the whole fridge with the smart plug.

BTW welcome to the Sense community. I’ve found it to be a great (and pleasant) place to learn…