New Device Found 'Heat 2' What? No!

Sense found a new device today and named it Heat 2. Ran around the house looking for what may
have just been turned on and then off. Gave up but found it accidentally when I was browsing through the refrigerator’s freezer for tonight’s dinner. I had it open for about 3 minutes when the sensor must have detected the drop in temperature and the freezer motor turned on. Baffled by Sense’s name.

It’s an LG refrigerator about 4 years 2 months old and the model is LFC25765ST! Fridge on top, freezer on the bottom. I have tested it several times and can get it to notify me each time. As always, would appreciate insight. I love to try and track things down and understand why.

Hey @bbillmm1 - this could also be the defroster turning on (which is a heating element). If you have any photos of the device power meter signature you can share here, we can probably confirm/deny that suspicion for you.


I’ve had 3 devices detected as ‘heater’. They turned out to be:

  1. Defrost Cycle for Refrigerator (in kitchen)
  2. Defrost Cycle for Freezer (in garage)
  3. Heating element in Dishwasher

If a given appliance has different ‘loads’ inside, then Sense often breaks that up in as many loads as there are, as those specific sub-systems have different ‘signatures’. For example, your refrigerator has several such subsystems: defrost, compressor, light, pump, motor for ice-maker … and Sense can detect all those separately. Not very clean. I found the best way is to use smart plugs, such as TP-Link KP115 (with energy monitoring), but make sure you don’t accidentally turn it off.

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