Mysterious Heat 2 Device

Had Sense installed for about 2 to 3 weeks now. It has already identified our furnace, freezer, 2 fridges, coffee maker, oven, dryer and garage door opener. It has identified a Heat 2 source that uses about 250w but only about 5 to 9 seconds at a time about every other day…and it has happened when we are not at home, so not a device we have plugged in or switch that was flipped. I cant determine what it might be. Any thoughts?

Ice maker heating element ?

Ice maker is part of the Fridge, so do you think Sense can isolate that unit from the rest of the Fridge power?

Yes indeed. It does exactly that. Quite different signatures.

In my case it’s accurately matched the new icemaker heater, but it can’t find my new refrigerator.

I’m not an expert on ice makers, but is there any way to manually activate the heating element so that I could verify that is the source that Sense is picking up? That way I know exactly when it turns on.

Sense “sees” different components (heating elements, motors, lightbulbs, etc.) of complicated devices as separate devices. Each type of component has a different “signature” when it turns on and off. That’s why there is a merge function, though I prefer to keep everything unmerged.

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