Detecting Combined Devices


I’ve had Sense since last December and have been pleased with device detection. Sense has accurately detected most of our kitchen appliances such as the toaster, coffee maker, oven, and stove including its individual heating elements that I’ve merged together. Recently Sense detected a new device, Heat 7, that I’ve not been able to figure out until the other day. We were busy preparing a complicated meal using most of our kitchen appliances when Heat 7 started popping on and off. In between cooking, I tried to figure out what Sense was detecting. I concluded that it was seeing some combination of different heating elements as a new device. Heat 7 would come on and the oven, stove and/or toaster would go off simultaneously. Unfortunately, because heating elements are thermostatically controlled and turn on and off normally, it was impossible for me to tell which heating elements were actually off and which were still on and being substituted by Heat 7. It didn’t help that I was trying cook a meal and couldn’t stay focused on the Sense app. Sometimes life gets in the way of playing with Sense :wink: This is why I and looking forward to being able to download detailed on/off data to analyze after the fact.

I wanted to raise this for discussion and also ask the question: Should I delete Heat 7 or is there some other way to teach Sense that it’s got it wrong in this case?




In the other threads I have read, the common theme is to let Sense figure it out and not interfere. Of course, your post will generate some responses from a few users that are ultra negative on the product, but seem to stick around for some reason…it’s not a perfected science and everyone’s mileage will vary. I am letting my devices in place and letting sense figure it out. It found most of my major energy hogs. I am happy with that. It did find a couple little ones that I have not figured out yet, but that will change over time and it or I will figure out the pattern.


Sense detected my Kuerig, but only the post-brewing on/off cycles. In other words, I hit the power button on the Kuerig, wait for it to warm up, and brew my coffee, all unrecognized currently by Sense. However, as soon as the brewing is done, the device in Sense shows on, and then periodically cycles on/off in sense until I hit the power button. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder what would happen if I brew 2 cups in a row — how much of the second brew would be picked up by Sense?


Sense picks up the after cup fill for a minute at 1500 watts for every cup made. What it doesn’t pick up is the second heating element that is 250 watts and comes on every minute for about 5 seconds while the Keurig is powered on in standby.
You should see it with each cup even back to back.


Hi @samwooly1, Thanks for your comment. What do you mean by “aftercup fill”. Whatever Ssnse is picking up is only 457W. This is my Kuerig K55 Classic.


I believe the model number I have now is K475. We have had many Keurig machines and at the time we needed this last one, this was supposed to be the best. I disagree and wish they still made past models.
Anyway, I’ll make a cup of coffee. Right after the cup is done the 1500 watt heater comes on to heat the water that was just transferred from the reservoir after brewing that cup. Sense detects this Heater and I’ve named it “Keurig”. That heater only runs about a minute and it’s ready to make another cup. Sense detects it every time even if it’s used back to back by several people.
In addition to the 1500 watt heater there are 2 pumps and an additional 250 watt heater in the model I have. Sense has not detected these other components.
I posted about how this small background heater turns on for a few seconds every single minute while the Keurig is on. I’ve now set mine to turn off after an hour of not being used.
I’m not familiar with the specs on your. Looks like I was wrong in assuming they are all made the same.
Here is a screenshot of my timeline showing the little nuns every minute which is the undetected 250 water heater in mine. Your looks like it’s just the opposite and could have detected the smaller heater in yours. Do you see 1500 watts on your timeline when you make a cup?


I don’t think so, but now I’ll be watching more closely.