Multiple Devices detected as one


My Sense has only been learning for 5 or 6 days… Already it has picked up a few items… Some have been easy to identify, and some more difficult…

I have noticed today an interesting behavior in detection which I’m curious if there is a way to resolve, or may resolve itself later…

Of some of the devices I had detected where my concern is:


The fridge, I think I’ve finally identified as our upright freezer on a sub-panel… however during my trying to figure it out, I would kill the breaker, and the load continued… I tried the same on the breaker for the main fridge, and same issue… these are the only 2 fridge/freezers coming off the panel sense is installed on… finally one time I killed the breaker and the load disappeared with the outside freezer… however didn’t come back when the freezer kicked back on… for now I’m going with it being the outside freezer, not the main fridge…

as for the actual main subject at hand… one of my first detected devices ended up being the large heating element on our flat-top stove top… later the oven was detected… now when I turn on one or the other, they both pop up in the screen as being on… how can this be? previously they had loads around ~1500w… now both show up as on when only one is on…

On the same note… I found that if I turned on my small toaster oven… sense thinks the oven is on. So it’s thinking the smaller toaster oven is in fact the large oven… but also that the large oven is the large oven, and also the large burner…

Will it over time learn that these are in fact separate devices? or is it the fact they are all so similar in power usage, sense will always struggle to differentiate? Or is there a way to get it to realizing these are different?


Additionally, currently I’m showing the Oven as on… but it is intact, the large burner that is being used (and was initially the first item on the stove/oven to be detected)


Check out the device detection faq.

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Ok, so it is just an early “issue/glitch” whatever you want to call it, until sense can learn the minute differences between the different appliances… so over time it will learn which is which, and I should see new devices for each of them, or old devices possibly not used, etc…

it’s certainly interesting… I was not expecting to see ANY devices detected within the first few days… since they say it usually takes at least a week to detect a device… I’m now averaging a device or two detected every day or so…


My experience has been to just give Sense time to sort things out and don’t try to name things in the first few months - identification conflations and other changes are part of the learning process even after you think everything has settled out.

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thanks gents.


Kevin is spot on. This is normal (we wish it wasn’t and that total and perfect detection happened immediately, but alas…). Keep watching and do your best to just let Sense do its thing. Let us know how things look in a couple of weeks!


Yeah, thanks… I hadn’t realized that… I figured what I had read originally which was not to expect anything detected within a week or so… but was surprised when it was… I didn’t realize even though it did detect something, it was still learning and differentiating…

Good to know… Now I only wish I could monitor ALL my power usage. :frowning: because of how our power comes in, I couldn’t put on everything (wasn’t room in the panel) and only get to monitor the house, can’t monitor my well, heat pump or outbuildings… still loving sense so far though.