Several of the same device, expected outcome?


We have several electrical devices in our home where there are more than one. For example, two furnaces, two AC units, two refrigerators, etc.

How does sense monitor deal with this in regard to device identification and what would be the expected outcome?

Would sense only identify one instance of each device? How would it report usage for them?


Are they identical models? Sense picked up my two fridges as separate devices.


Check to see that, for the larger appliances, it’s not separating two legs of a 240v device - eg the furnace and A/C. Mine did this initially, reporting the heat pump in two legs, which I ended up deleting, until it eventually found it as a single appliance.

For the refrigerator, make sure it’s not multiple components of the fridge. Mine has found compressor, defrost and ice maker.

If you wanted to post their signatures, that could be helpful for troubleshooting!


Sense has the inherent capability to distinguish between two largely similar devices, for instance that draw the same steady power once up and running because its models consider both time and frequency domains.

To get specific, amongst other things, it is analyzing switch-on transients and pulling out frequency components that will vary between two identical devices, as seen at the Sense monitor, due to production variability and different attenuation of high frequencies due to the different wiring runs for those two devices back to the panel.

The techniques for doing this one at a time are decades old. The Sense secret sauce is in the automation / learning systems side of things and the ability to capture the data in your board, do some basic analysis in the unit and then beam it back to Sense, where the really clever stuff happens.

It’s something of a work in progress, quite reasonably, but nonetheless very impressive.

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