Detection Weirdness

Hello All

This is my second week of using sense and it is now starting to detect appliances. Today it said that it found my Stove and labelled it as Heat1. I went into the tag and labelled it as Stove and entered the brand type. The oven part of the stove is still running, but sense is not detecting that it is running, even though it indicates that it identified it. I have deleted the device once before for doing the same thing and it is doing it again. Any tips or hints are appreciated.

Sense learns and detects devices component by component, so each element in a range cooktop will show up as separate device and the same for the oven. You might even see separate devices for the oven in bake/cook mode vs broil.

I would suggest that you read through this Blog and ask further questions once you are a little more familiar with how Sense “sees”, “learns” and “detects” electrical devices.

I was provided with some insight from Sense technical. They indicated that if I am getting multiple confirmed identifications of the same appliance I should merge the devices under settings, to help it learn quicker. I better understand now why it is happening.

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