Racking my brain trying to identify a few things

So I’ve had my Sense since Christmas… Installed on Dec 26th, it identified my Keurig about 10 days in. I traveled for work (I live alone) and out of the blue and while I am away, Sense identifies my dryer, garage door opener(s) and three other things I cannot figure out to save my life. I hope my snooping skills progress, but these have me stumped. With regard to the garage door openers, they are new and identical Chamberlain MyQ openers with a single Wi-Fi bridge. Sense ‘sees’ both doors as the same device. Is this to be expected?

Any help on these other three objects would be awesome… While Sense calls this first object “stove,” none of my electric burners nor the oven activate this identified object.

The next two I had hoped were my girlfriend’s blow dryer or hair curler. After running to grab them and plug them in… Nothing!

Heat 1 and stove look suspiciously similar. What were you using at 9:40 am Sunday?

Heat 1 and stove look like my toaster oven.

Heat 3 looks a little like my 12 cup coffee maker except it isn’t drawing enough power. Maybe a four cup model?

My Keurig was already identified and seems to be acting correctly within Sense. So I do not believe ‘Heat 3’ is my coffee maker…

‘Heat 1’ and ‘Stove’ do look similar. And I did make breakfast on Sunday morning… I baked a tray of bacon in the electric oven and made pancakes on the electric stovetop. However when I start the oven or stovetop now, neither ‘Heat 1’ or ‘Stove’ light up in Sense. I did not use the toaster oven on Sunday.

EDIT: OK, so perhaps I am impatient. I turned on one of my stovetop burners again (like, for the third time), and let it cycle for a handful of minutes. It intermittently switches between ‘Other’, ‘Stove’ and ‘Heat 1’ … Is Sense confused? Is it possible Sense is seeing one of my burners as two different devices (‘Heat 1’ and ‘Stove’ and missing it entirely (‘Other’)? Will it’s machine learning better match and combine these automatically over time?

Somewhat related… Do folks with an electric stovetop label them ‘L Front’, ‘R Front’, ‘L Rear’, etc??? I would expect each burner to have a different signature.

I ended up with a bunch of different devices detected for the various burners on my stove. I merged them all into one device. Sense still confuses it with other similar resistive loads, such as the Nespresso machine and water kettle.

I thought it looked similar the the heating element that lights my propane appliances, but it’s not the same. I don’t have anything with such a small spike, then level.

remember it could be a component of a device rather than an actual device. i think you may be on to something with the electric burners. each one could be slightly different, just enough to confuse it. :slight_smile:

good luck!

I’d love to get some feedback from the folks at Sense… I have noticed that the same stovetop burner has been recognized twice (as two heat devices). My gut tells me to rename each newly-found burner as “stovetop L front,” “stovetop R rear,” etc… and combine them all as composite device called “Stovetop” … Is this a reasonable practice?

Similarly, I have two garage doors (same model and installed new at the same time). Sense ‘sees’ these two motors as the same device.

Will Sense’s machine learning more accurately identify the one bruner (that was identified as two devices) and combine it automatically over time… Do I need to delete the one that seems to get less ‘hits’? And in the case of my garage openers, will Sense discover there are two garage openers and split them into two seperate devices?

Not likely. Since they are the same opener they will have the same signature so Sense will not likely be able to determine the difference. Now if once opens a double door and the other a single door then maybe eventually it will be able to tell the difference due to the slightly different load, but I don’t think the Sense data models at this point in time are anywhere near accurate for that yet.

Sense found this device the week of Christmas and indicated it was 90% sure it was a heat pump. I have gas heat. It turned out to be the Saltwater Chlorine Generator on my pool (I’m 99.9% sure of it). I live in Florida, so the pool runs every day. Sense actually found my pool pump a week later… Though it’s not completely accurate is what it says it’s using wattage wise.

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Normally, we don’t too much like getting in-between people and their devices. It’s such a personal relationship that you have it’s a shame to bring a third party into the mix, but I guess I could make an exception just this once.

Unless the burners are different sizes, they are all going to have the same electric signature unfortunately. Sense can find the front back left or right burner, but it would be a matter of sizing since the manufacturer probably used the same coils for all of those elements which means they’re all going to look exactly the same when they turn on. I can’t quite tell, but if Stove and Heat 1 have different wattage values, then they could be different burners.

OR because some stoves are weird like that, it could be one burner that cycles between two different heat temperatures in order to modulate the temperature of the device. It’s much more common for most stoves and ovens to cycle between the heating element being all the way on or all the way off in order to regulate the temperature to that perfect 350 degrees, but some of them doing work that way. Instead, there are some that keep a certain temperature by just turning on a smaller heating element so it probably uses 2,000 watts for 10 seconds and the 1,500 for 10 seconds and then back to 2,000 again over and over as it cooks. Those types can end up with Sense independently modeling the two spikes as independent devices.

OR it could also just be the same device and Sense had two models that were attempting to track it and both of them seemed just as good at it so the monitor decided to just go ahead and approve both of them. It happens and in that situation they would likely fight against each other to see who is the one that gets to be On when the devices triggers.

OR it could be that both of those devices are the same device but they represent just one leg of the stove. Sense usually merges these on its own, but not always. You would have to compare it to the total wattage being used at that time to really be able to tell. If that device matches up to half the wattage in use, then it’s probably just the two phases of one device.

From just this, I unfortunately can’t tell much. If you write in I wouldn’t mind taking a bit of a deeper look using the tools we have which can give me a bit of a better view to probably know which of those it is. But that’s about all the 2 Sense I can give at the moment.

Hope you’ve enjoyed cooking detection with Sense.


i don’t know. all three of those devices, to me, look like the sort of nonexistent devices Sense detects at my house 3 months after they last turned on. I don’t have an electric stove, and I live alone so whatever appliance it is… I don’t know because everything else is accounted for. but the its consistent just like your heat 1 and 3 and stove turning on and off at a constant pace for a while.

Whenever Sense detects a heat device, I look to see when the last time was that it turned on. and if I can’t, chances are it will look like that when it does, and it is just noise.
For you it may be something since the signal looks like it is on for a bit and then starts being repetitive, but for my house a signal like that would be just noise.

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