Garage Door Detected (but it's a confused detection)


I don’t know if you guys at Sense would be interested in this, but I certainly hope you will. A few weeks ago, I got the always fun notification that Sense discovered a new device. And it was my garage door opener. But now that spring is on the way, I spent some quality time working in the garage today. What I found was that any electrical usage in my garage triggers a Garage Door notification. This included my drill press, grinder wheel, and a chop saw. At last count, Sense says my Garage Door turned on more than 14 times. But it actually only opened and closed once (which would be two). It took me a bit to figure out why I was getting so many. But there’s no doubt about it now.


When the garage door opener is being confused with another device, while that other device is on (and therefore, the garage door opener is being detected as “On”, even when it’s actually not) you can help by using the “device is not on” button. This will over time help sense narrow down it’s detection algorithm and reduce the false positive issue.

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Maybe their model needs a bit of work? I’ve had false triggers in the past, but I think it looks a lot like other motors starting and Sense is jumping the gun before it sees the running wattage.


I have a coffee pot and toaster oven that are plugged into the same out.
They are reported as one device.


By outlet, is that receptacle or smart plug. Being plugged into the same receptacle wouldn’t have anything to do with it. They are just similar enough in their on/off signatures and usage and that causes the mix up.


Just the same power receptacle.


I wasn’t even aware of the ‘device is not on’ button. So I will look for it and follow that path. I understand what we’d be doing by selecting it. So it makes sense to me. Thanks for the tip.


Since their update that removed or changed devices by itself my coffee maker and toaster do the same, unless one or the other is on first.

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It’s not because they are plugged into same plug in, they are just very similar with signatures. Sense doesn’t know location or where something is plugged in.
I had a hair dryer that had its own detection to start triggering my space heater. I purposely turned the hair dryer on and left it on long enough to go to the device page where it was showing up as the space heater. There I used the “this device is not on” bjtoon. I did this three times and now the space heater and hair dryer report correctly.

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I can’t seem to find the ‘Device is not on’ element in the Sense app. Am I looking in the wrong place for this?


Under Devices -> select device -> Manage -> Report a Problem

Only exists for devices that Sense has identified (not smart plug devices, etc.)


Another thing that makes this difficult is you have to catch it on. So if you have a “heater” showing it turned on, you actually have to catch it while its still on.
If the device cycles off while your trying to navigate to “this device is not on”, the option will not be available.

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