Garage door opener detection and dehumidifier

Hey guys! So I just wanted to let everyone know, the weirdest thing happened this week. For almost since I have had Sense, the garage door was detected, but of course it could not tell the difference between my 2-car opener and the 1-car opener (which was fine with me). But last week or the week before, I got a new device detected- garage door opener. It turns out it is the 1-car opener, and it now can tell the difference (unless they are both on at the same time, then it gets confused and doesn’t know what it is). I think that’s pretty awesome!

Also, last week I added a dehumidifier to my crawlspace. I put it on a TPLink plug so I could see how much power it uses. However, there is a pump to expel the water that also has a plug, and I don’t have another TPLink to plug that into. Apparently, when that runs, Sense thinks it is my microwave. Always on for 8 seconds, too fast for me to tell it that is not what it is. Will that resolve itself eventually or should I get another smart plug for it?

I had the same problem recently with my dryer detection. Every time the hot water heater came on, sense thought my dryer turned on for 1 second and then turned off. Other than that, it detects both devices great. I opened a support ticket and apparently they can tweak the detection settings on your monitor. That helped some, but still not 100%, so support had me delete the dryer. This will give it time to see the water heater without the dryer detection. Sense has since then redetected my dryer, and so far I have not seen any false positives, but it’s still to early to say. So I’d start by opening a support ticket.


Nice to hear you may now have separate detections for the openers, I’m hoping for the same.
Why not take the dehumidifier and pump and put both on the smart plug? Isn’t the pump removing the dehumidifiers water? So the two components are actually working together as a device.

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Yes, but all I had was a single plug TPLink, and I didn’t realize there would be two plugs for that device, so it was one or the other. Unless I get a power strip, which I really don’t want to do in the crawlspace (nervous enough with electronics down there as it is, although hoping the dehumidifier keeps it okay for the smart plug to operate).

You can get a little three way adapter instead of a power strip for $.99 at Walmart
Sometimes the pump isn’t required if the hose end outside can be placed lower than the tank on the dehumidifier. Gravity will keeps things in order, jist like the drain from an air handler.

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All you need is a short extension cord, or even a three way adapter…those are both really cheap, but of course the crawling under the house is a different matter. The de-humidifier almost certainly isn’t de-humidifying the crawl space, it’s de-dehumidifying the house. But, I wouldn’t worry about the smart plug and definitely not about the extension cord/three way outlet. They are pretty rugged. I would NOT use a power strip…costly and more fragile.

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Thanks! The crawl space is a walk in, so no access issues. I will find a three way adapter for the TPLink and see how it goes! Thanks again for the input!


GREAT “crawlspace”! I’ve been used to having something like 18-24”, which is technically a “crawlspace”, but in reality more like a “slitherspace”. Walk-in is almost decadent.

Haha! That’s what all my contractors say. My crawl is about 1100 square feet and most of it is at least 5 feet off the ground. Would have made a really nice basement I guess!

Are you by any chance near the ocean? Sounds like a house on stilts.

Should make putting in your three way outlet a piece of cake.

I’m in the hills of Kentucky and half mine is eight foot tall. It’s actually over that in the back and 20” on the other.

Nope, just live on a hill. The crawl gets shorter the closer you get to the front of the house. But all the hvac, plumbing, etc is easily accessible.