Something went right with the last update



your team did something right with these latest updates. not only has sense detected a light fixture. but it is finally detecting the entire dryer cycle rather than just spikes in the dryer’s consumption.

I was surprised when my phone randomly informed me that the dryer shut off. I said to myself, I don’t remember it telling me that the dryer turned on. it usually, inconsistently, detect the dryer being on for about 40 seconds. it’ll do that a few times during the cycle. I had another thread on here wondering if that was the igniter or something. but again it was inconsistent in detecting this component.

I go into the device information to see when it thought it turned on (expecting the worst. maybe it combined the dryer with something else), Suddenly it is detecting the tumbler and everything. and those spikes. I don’t have to even combine the devices together. Now I’m going back to see how long it has been doing this, or how far back it has correct the data.

Things seem to be improving :slight_smile:


Yup! We’ve been doing some work lately on dryers and it sounds like that caused the detection for you. Awesome to hear!


I’m seeing some new problems with my sense box. Recently when a device turns on I see the new bubble pop up but when it turns off the bubble just stays sometimes for several minutes. This makes tracking data wrong so run times and costs will not be correct. The past few days the sense app seems to lose connection and never refreshes the web page on my computer until I force a webpage refresh. No changes to any equipment, wiring, or anything here so I don’t know why it is messing up. also Sense isn’t able to detect my two mini-split air conditioners maybe because they use inverter technology that ramps the compressors up and down all day long so they don’t have a turn on signature. Is there a way for the Sense engineers to log into an owner’s Sense box and see if it is running ok???


I was having issues with my ac before that sound similar to what you are experiencing. I think for me they seem to have been resolved. It was frustrating. The total energy usage of the bubbles added to be more than the total usage. But the total usage was correct. I just kept deleting the ac lol hoping it would resolve. Then I gave up and forgot about it.

I hope it works out for you


Hey Rex. Are you actually sure the devices in question are fully turning off? Some devices will seem off but actually have a slower wind-down period than is obvious.

Regarding the web app, that sounds like a bug of some sort. I’m not seeing behavior like that on my end, nor have I heard other reports. What browser are you using?

Finally, yes, we can check on our end if everything is running ok. Shoot a message to and they can look into the issue.