Dryer mystery on/off readings

A few days ago, Sense support fixed the recognition algorithm for my dryer. It behaves a LOT better now and they responded the same day I submitted the ticket. It was great!

While the detection is a lot better, there is still a strange anomaly. I noticed this morning that I had an off notification for 18 minutes ago, but we haven’t run the dryer since yesterday.

The device page shows its been off 19 minutes (wrong)

The good news (??) is that the power meter still looks correct. There is no reading since we ran it yesterday and certainly no reading in the past 20 minutes.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? Is there an explanation? Is this something worth submitting another ticket?

Interesting. If you go to your whole home Power Meter, do you see any sort of spike from that time period? I wonder if the dryer has some weird need to cycle occasionally.

Nope, not really.

It happened again this evening, both times for 0 seconds.

This is the Power Meter at that time.

What does it show on the power meter for the device “dryer”?

Just like in the original post, the Dryer power meter shows nothing in this time window.

You’ve definitely got something strange going on. Trying to figure out what’s happening isn’t helped by the fact that it may not even be your dryer sense is detecting.
It may have to do with the device that turned on at 6:37. Where I circled that timeframe, sense May have been confused and tagged dryer.
Was it another detected device during that time or was it “other”?

This looks very similar to my heated floor tiles.

Yeah, this is certainly weird. You should reach out to Support on this.

I also keep getting the “Dryer ON” notification when the dryer is off. Several of the times it is really the dishwasher that is turning on. Which is a large load, but only ~1/2 of the power of the dryer.