Dryer now switches to Other Mid-cycle

So, Sense used to do a great job with my newer dryer but the last few weeks I recognizes Dryer for half the cycle then drops and changes to Other for the rest of the cycle. I’d rather use my circuit detection option for my furnace vs this. Any ideas? Obviously the power curve is changing or something for Sense to not recognize it as the Dryer.

Could be a few things. I’m guessing Sense was picking up the resistance heating element in your dryer, not the motor operation, given it is a new-ish dryer, likely with a DC motor running the tumbler. What could it be ?

  1. The operation of the dryer has changed. Probably unlikely though things like a clogged vent might change power usage. One thing that might be interesting is to go back an look at previous cycles in the main power meter (not the device power meter), and look for any differences in ramp-up, ramp-down and timing duration.

  2. The Sense model has changed. I’m not sure how Sense handles home-specific models vs. the more generic models they use to categorize devices. There’s some interesting stuff in here that talks about models and highlights some of the work they did a while back on dryers. Suffice it to say that updates to improve models could also have caused half the dryer cycles to disappear.

  1. Home changes could also affect models. The most obvious case is when a device gets plugged into the other leg of your home circuits. Other changes might the introduction of a “noisy” device that obscures other devices. Hard to know whether this has happened in most cases.

A few things to try. Connect with Sense support. Delete the “dryer” and have Sense try again. Sometimes time heals things or a new model heals things.


Dryer is also not the most accurately detected device by my Sense. Some time it gets it right, some other times it does not detect it running at all. Sense also associates Dryer to another device wrongly.

My dryer is a 22 years old mostly mechanically controlled device.

I deleted Dryer from Sense once to let it rediscover again, but end result was not better.

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