Does this really look like a dryer?


Installed Sense about a week ago. Last night it detected our electric clothes dryer correctly. But the meter pattern for it doesn’t make much sense to me - a dryer doesn’t run for 3 minutes at a time. Is it possible that Sense only detected one component (e.g. motor) and not the other (e.g. element)? If so, is there a chance that over time it will properly associate the two power draws with the one appliance?


My dryer looks like this.


The heating elements in most dryers do cycle on and off, while the motor runs continuously. A few very high end dryers have proportional heating, running continuously at lower level to more accurately maintain temperature (can be important for fragile things I’m told, but who wants to spend $3,500 and up for a dryer.

So, I don’t think this looks odd. Running more continuously at the start, to heat everything up, then bursty during the remaining part of the load seems pretty normal to me.


Okay, that makes sense. So it sounds like it’s only tracking the heating element, and not the motor. Do you think it will eventually identify the motor as well, and associate it with this device? Or will the dryer motor forever be in the “unknown” bubble?


You will probably have to manually “Merge Device[s]” once the motor is discovered, but a week to find the heating element is pretty promising.


You are just at the start of the journey. Should Sense discover your dryer motor at some point down the line, you will be able to merge them. Sometimes it will discover the whole dryer as one device, in which case you might have two dryers showing up at various times, and sometimes it never does find the motor.

Your finding the heating elements that quickly is a great start, after 17 months it’s never found my heating element (95% of the consumption), but has found the motor (5% of the consumption).


Sense found my heating element first and a dryer 2 for the motor maybe a week later. Different signature, so like mentioned above, a simple merge brings them together.