Identifying part of an appliance

Sense has identified my dryer, but I am pretty sure it has only identified the signature of a component of the dryer. Basically, it will pull ~ 5800 watts for a few minutes, drop to zero, then do it again like this:

During the periods of time where it registers zero watts, the dryer is still running. So I assume this 5800 watts is a component of the dryer, not the “whole” dryer.

Will sense discover the rest of my dryer?

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Maybe… It will probably find the motor if it is not a DC motor. It won’t likely find the Always On usage of the controller board, but will package that up in the Always On total.

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Same here. I assume it found the resistive heat element in mine due to the high draw. At first it only identified when on high heat but not low but now it gets both but doesn’t recognize the motor. I wish it would as one day I might switch to a heat pump dryer and would like to figure out how much it saves me, payoff time etc …