Large Appliance detected, but not very well

My oven, washing machine, and clothes dryer were detected within a few weeks of installing the device. However, I have noticed that while these devices are turned-ON, Sense detects them, however,it seems some cycles aren’t detected correctly, and my Other utilization would be at 5,000+W. I understand that training is not available and so am thinking how to improve the detected. My other utilization is at 38% which is what I want to minimize

Same here.
From what I can tell sense has identified the the heating element OF the dryer but not the drum tumbling motor.
Sense has detected the oven as well but not the stove OR one leg of the 220.
I’m confident if given enough time sense will find the other parts and I can “merge” them.

Nine months in, and so I was wondering how to expedite it. My other utilization is still at 38%, and while I can understand that LED lights and fan won’t be detected, I want to simplify and narrow my other to under 10%

Hi @sritodi - we put together a blog for common multicomponent appliances here that may help you identify some of the other components that Sense may have detected: