Lost Data from my furnace and no dryer recognition

I happened to look back at my furnace data and almost all of it has disappeared. I monitor my furnace daily during the heating season, so it was there. Sense misses now and then, which is why I added an Ecobee, although the furnace has not been on since adding it.

A second issue is sense does not recognize all the power my dryer is consuming. It never has. The dryer takes the highest loads I have, it should have been easy to recognize. It’s 240 volt electric. The sense only sees half the load and not always.

I’m assuming you’ve had Sense for about 1.5 years now, or longer, based on when you joined. Can you post a screen shot of the Settings → My Home → Sense Monitor → Signals area?

Seems a bit strange that you have only 1/2 of the power being reported.

I have some experience with Sense and dryers. Here is a snip from my Sense records:

It found my 240 volt, electric dryer just 12 days after Sense installation, which lends support to your idea that it is easy to detect. A month later it detected half the device separately. I replaced the physical device a month after that, so deleted my Sense definition. Sense then found its ghost as a new device as described in this post:

The new dryer was also a 240 volt, electric dryer. It was not discovered quickly, so large loads must not always be easy to detect. The new dryer was discovered in stages. First it found a portion called Dryer 3. That portion was exactly half of the heating-element-only device called Dryer High, so I deleted it. Later it found half the heating element again, but this time together with the motor (which must be 120 volt).

During this time, my Dryer High continued to function, so the heating element on that leg was double-counted. Although the double counting was a little disconcerting, I put up with it. That turned out to be the right decision, since a month later Sense combined the two devices into a single device. The new device measures both legs of the heating element plus the motor on just one leg. I am very happy with the current detection, although it sometimes misses the motor-off signal.

In conclusion, detection of half the power does not seem unusual. Since you have already tried being patient, the other option is to delete the device and hope for re-detection. Since you say Sense does not always see even the half it has, deletion is a good option. I had a window AC unit that was only finding 30% of usage, and I was too patient with it. When I finally deleted it, I got a new detection that was much better.

You are correct. I started the week of Dec 20, 2019.

There is no “Signals” area, or at least by that name. Perhaps you mean “Data Sources” or “Device Inventory?” The pic shows the overall data sources.
The power meter shows the Dryer load, just the AI is not recognizing it. At best it sees half of the load.

Thanks for the help.

Settings → My Home → Sense Monitor → Signals area?

Sense Monitor, NOT Home Details

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The confusion is because I gave the location for the mobile app.

@bobnarad if you’re using the web app it’s just under settings → Sense Monitor.

You can see it over on the left side of the menu you posted a picture of.


I have never adapted to doing much on my phone. Here is a pic of the SenseMonitor. I figure if it is easier, I can just delete the Dryer, as that data is not correct anyway. However, I really want to get my furnace data back. It read correctly most of the time.

I’m going to pull in @JustinAtSense. Your monitor is showing offline. I’m curious if it’s dropping in and out and that’s why your data isn’t correct. I think tech support should be able to take a better look.

Hi @bobnarad - i’d like Support to take a look at your monitor and see whats going on behind the scenes. If you haven’t already, please submit a Support ticket. If you have, let me know and I’ll follow-up with the Support lead.


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