Sense identified furnace but doesn't show furnace when it's on


Hey - I got an email from Sense that said it has learned my furnace. However, when I heard that the furnace is on, I go to the sense and can see the increase eletric use, but sense still considers it “unknown”. Has anyone else had this issue?

The issue also might be that my sense learned a number of devices, and then was reset.


I’ve found that half the time, it doesn’t show up in the bubble screen (especially right after discovery). If you go into the device tab, though, it’s there. Well, mostly there - for my water heater half the time it only identifies one leg (incidentally, sometimes the bubble is split too).

If you go under settings - sense monitor - scroll down you may see the furnace being learned. I expect when it’s completely “learned” there won’t be any further errors, but that’s cautious optimism.


I did try this, I didn’t see it in the device area either.

What’s also strange is that it doesn’t have any states about the furnace.
Avg kWh use, average run time, etc. with Mailtrack


Most of my found devices have been blank for a day or two initially - part of the problem I think is that it takes some time to plug those values in.

What if you click on the line graph? Has that shown up yet?

I bet by tomorrow you’ll have something there. It may come and go, though - so when I name things I’ve been putting (maybe). You’re actually ahead of the curve, considering they reset your device just the other day :slight_smile:


Ok, good point. I’ll wait.

The reason I think it’s strange is that tje first time I installed the
device, I didn’t have this problem. It would identify a device then always
show it.


Anything change? I have half a dozen things that showed up yesterday, but none of them have any data associated. Maybe sense thoughts it’s learned them (and your furnace), but then had second thoughts?


No updates! with Mailtrack


:disappointed: hang tight. These are all the things that showed up out of the blue for me yesterday - none of them with any data :confused:

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