New Furnace

We replaced our old Lennox furnace that was detected by Sense with a new Rheem the first week in February.
I removed the old furnace from Sense and let the new one being rediscovered. It took about a month and Sense told me it found a new device and called it furnace. The strange part is that when the furnace kicks on I never see the bubble and I don’t get an notification. When I looked at the Usage report I see data from January that stops in February. The old furnace was replaced in February and strange enough it found the old data from January in March and never sees the new one. Time to delete the found furnace again and hope that Sense discover it again?

I believe it’s the case that when we “delete” a device, only the name is removed, not all the detailed tracking in Sense’s vast data bases. AFIK there is no way to remove that trace.

Sense does have problems detecting lots of modern devices, which don’t have the sharp on/off that Sense’s algorithms depended on. Most modern devices ramp up and down, and many of they vary their power consumption to match the need. Looking at the Rheem site, at least some of their models do that.

I have a deep well pump that maintains constant pressure to the house, regardless of how much water is being used. In the two plus years since I installed Sense, it hasn’t been able to “detect” that use. What I (and so many others) need is a 240v “wire in” version of the HS110 that measures power and communicates that to Sense.

Also my Kenmore refrige runs almost constantly at tiny power levels, then ramps up gently when the door is opened for a bit, and gently back down again. Sense hasn’t found that in the two years either, and from what I’ve read it don’t expect it to. Lots of big use modern devices behave similarly, un-detectable by Sense.