Sense detected my Dryer ... finally ... well, not quite

Got a notification this AM that Sense detected my dryer and thrilled that it’s still at work, after all this time. Sense believes it is a Dryer based on the signature and the fact that 97% of people labeled such device a dryer.

Excellent, but oh wait … my Dryer is gas powered, and I do not run it at 2:00 AM … :frowning:

Another big resistance heat source, then.

Correct, most likely the water dispenser, as it has both cold/hot water.

@drjb Want to share a screenshot of the device? My parents have a Sense and a water dispenser, I might be able to match it to one of their unnamed devices.

@JustinAtSense … You want a picture of the dispenser itself or a screenshot from Sense? If the latter, then which specific screen?

Ah, my apologies for not clarifying. Preferably a zoomed in view of the Device Power Meter (click on a device, scroll down to the Power Meter, click) and a 24 hour view. This is typically the format that people share their mystery devices in, which helps the Community offer insight by showing the detailed waveform and how often it runs.

My dryer was just detected today… and it’s a gas dryer too!!!

But in my case, I did turn on my dryer to see if Sense would display a device bubble for it, and sure enough, it did… I guess it’s just detecting the electric powered dryer barrel that rotates and not the heat signature…

Anyway, that was cool… I haven’t had a device detection in 6.5 weeks!

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