Dryer stays on but

The dryer stays on at 561 Watts but doesn’t really pull anything else after. power is off and is not running during this time. Eventually it does go off Any thoughts?

Sense isn’t catching the “off” signature.
Eventually it hits whatever “time out”and shows it off after.

Is this your main power meter or your device power meter (that only gets filled once Sense starts detecting your devices) ? If it is your device-level power meter, for a detected dryer, I would suggest the same as @samwooly1. If the picture is from your main power meter for the whole house, I would suggest you take a look at my dryer here in the community device library - same exact waveform after Sense detection.

Not sure what the extension is at the end, but tit is there. Perhaps the heating element stays warm for bit.

Thanks! This was the dryer power meter (not whole house.) Wonder how to make sense capture the off? hopefully doesn’t mean impending doom on the dryer!

Lately I’ve been experiencing a loss of seen “off” signatures with many devices.
I’ve been getting alerts that devices are on that are not.

This may be a similar experience to what I’ve been having except it doesn’t appear they have alerts set.

Now you are making me look more closely at my dryer since my historic screenshot has the same. I did a reset in April and now am seeing something a little different still with the tail.

I’m seeing two components today:



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