Garage Opener - Make/Model and have they been detected?

I see many on here who have reported that their Sense has correctly detected their garage opener(s) … not mine. My simplistic thinking is that there are not that many offerings out there in the market. We can simplify it to 3-4 manufacturers and say 5 models each. So, in essence we have ~20 possible different openers. What if we can come up with a list of all on here that have such devices, and whether they have been detected or not? … just to help some of us get a feel of what we’re up against. What I’m asking is to list the model(s) you have, along with whether it had been detected or not. I’ll start:

Garage Openers:

  1. Liftmaster 1/2HP (20 years old) - Not Detected
  2. Chamberlain B970 (New, WIFI+Battery backup) - Not detected

PS. This discussion started in a different thread, but I did not want to hijack the OP’s main question and derail from it.

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We have two Liftmasters, about 10 years old. Both use battery backed up dc motors, and Sense hasn’t found (and I do not expect it ever will) either one in two years.

These aren’t enough load to bother putting HS115’s on them.

@andy thank you. Agree fully that those do not (supposedly) consume much. However, the common ‘wisdom’ around here is that Sense focuses primarily on the big hitters (at least what I understood from some posts) and yet some users have reported that their garage doors openers have been detected. Agree too that these do not warrant installing Smart Plugs, but just curious as to the ‘working’ of Sense Detection.

If the approach in this thread works i.e. we can see a pattern of detectability vs. brand/age, then maybe we can expand to washers/dryers/ovens/fridges and feed that info back to the developers… unless I’m expecting way too much from my orange box.

Back in August my DC opener was detected, but only the closing of the door.

One day a few months ago I lubricated the rollers/hinges, and I’ve lost it ever since. The only time I see the detection come up now is sometimes when I use my (undetected) paper shredder. For some reason I’ve also lost detection of the opener’s lights.

BTW, mine is a Chamberlain HD930EV purchased in 9/2013.

I have a Chamberlain from January 2005, however, I don’t know the model. What I had as the model number, 041A5483-1C, is actually just the main board part number. It has not been detected. I don’t think mine has a battery backup, but I can’t say I’ve ever tried. I also don’t use it very often. Over the summer and fall, I was using it a couple times a week. Now I’ve only used it maybe twice in all of December. I should find the actual model number and look it up. I’ve also never looked at Sense when it’s opening or closing.

I have (3) 1/2 HP craftsman. They are over 10 years old and on the same circuit. The garage door opener has been detected but it can’t distinguish each one individually.

my opener is detected, but both are listed as 1 I think ??unable to distinguish the single door or double door one. Guessing because they both look the same. Not sure if the app shows more, guessing it will. zero chance average times per month is correct, we both are here , working from home. lol

Genie from 2006/2008 ish ?? pro max, or similar.

Our 20 year old openers were detected, but since changing one to a Liftmaster 8500W it has not been detected and I doubt it will be. It is a battery backed up DC motor.

My 3 garage openers are all the same LiftMaster 8550Ws and all have been detected to varying degrees. The same for the 20 year old 8355Ws that preceded them. More info below.

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My 25 year old LiftMaster (1245k) 1/3 HP was detected. I just replaced it last weekend with a new Chamberlain DC motor B750. Hoping it will be detected too. The new unit has MyQ wifi connection and the app logs openings and closings.

My LiftMaster 8355W was installed little less than 3 years ago and Sense detected it pretty quick. It was surprisingly quick to detect seeing I only open and close it a couple of times a week during this pandemic.

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I have 2 Liftmaster openers and Sense detects both, but as one device. I have only had my Sense for a week and it has detected both.

  1. Liftmaster year:9/2010 board:41AC050-2M (purple button)
  2. Liftmaster year: 5/2017 board: 045ACT (yellow button)
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I have the same belt driven opener and mine also has not been detected after 8 months. My old chain driven opener might have been a different story.

I’d be curious to see if both of these have a similar HP motor and operating wattage - my guess is they’re almost identical, making it so that Sense can’t tell the difference.

I have two garage doors and one gate, Sense has only found one of them.

2 Ryobi GDOs (Model #GD201 with 2HP Motors, LED Light and 18V battery backup - Not detected. In use a few times/day.

Thank you. This is news to me. I have multiple Ryobi tools, but did not know they were into garage openers.

Check out These are pretty nice openers and I really like the cell phone access, but they are DC motors so you won’t find them on Sense

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