Garage door is not detected after 6 months

My garage door is not detected after 6 months. I have just one and use it every day. Are there any recommendations? Don’t really wanna reset the whole Sense device and let it learn again. If somebody had a similar experience please share it.

In 18 months, neither of our garage door openers found, despite full reset(s) and replacement Sense.

6 months in myself and my garage door opener isn’t detected either. That being said it runs for such short periods of time that it can’t use that much power so I haven’t been too concerned.

the trick is that for many people that’s one of the first things detected. I’m just curious if it’s related to a specific door type. Mine is Craftsman 1.25 HP Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener. What do you guys have?

Almost 2yrs now, no detect. Craftsman smart wifi opener - so I have other ways to monitor, but to be honest I don’t even have the wifi receiver plugged in. I think it’s probably the same model you’re describing.

Very weird - my 3 LiftMaster 8355W‘s are always detected correctly, all as the same device. 87x up and down this month.

Does it have a battery?

Both of mine do have battery backup, we’re in an area with all too frequent outages

Picked mine up pretty quick.

Does your have a battery?

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Yes - and that’s been my feeling as well, that it’s sorta like going through a UPS which may be effectively shielding it from Sense.

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You could put a Kill-A-Watt or similar product on that outlet and see what it looks like.

If I were that interested :slight_smile:
It barely uses any power, as someone mentioned above, and I have other options for picking up open/close events if need be. The craftsman app is painful, to be honest, so I’d probably hook up a multisensor to connect through smartthings if I were all that interested.

Ours was one of the first devices detected. Genie make, pretty old.

I also have an old genie but haven’t had luck with it being identified.

Ive got a Chamberlain (3 years old) with built-In WiFi and their HomeKit bridge and after 3+ months it has not found mine either. Mine does have a built-in battery as well.

@don1, @andy, @yermiychyk,
Seems like Sense does OK on identification with some common AC motors like my LiftMaster 8355s, which were identified almost immediately when installed in early April. But I can see potential challenges with DC motors, that have their motors isolated by a power supply and a large capacitor, and maybe even a backup battery, from the input line.
@andy, the big difference between your LifterMaster 8500 and my 8355s is the DC vs. AC.

Would be interested in hearing from folks on whether they have AC or DC drives.

ps: Unlikely garage doors will occupy much of your Sense power consumption, even if they are identified.

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@kevin1 I dug a bit deeper and checked the circuit board, there is a low power AC/DC converter (like iPhone charger) which powers the board and triggers relay which turns on 110v AC /12v DC transformer which powers the motor. Looks like @sense can’t parse load which AC/DC transformers consume and, even though, it consumes just a little bit I’d like to know when my garage door was opened and closed w/o installing WiFi add-on. "and it’s not because I’m a nerd :nerd_face: "

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Right there with you. It’s another pair of cords in an already tangled mess around my router.

If you have a DC circuit board with a relay that switches an AC motor, that should be detectable at some point in time. If you have a DC circuit board that switches a DC motor, that’s going to be much more challenging to detect.