Find my Garage door!


Why won’t Sense learn my garage doors? They are motors with very easy to identify patterns. My eyes see these with no problem yet in almost four months Sense has yet to learn them. I can watch this graph at any time and see the garage door is open. This is so easy “even a Caveman can do it!”


I have two garage doors that have identical Chamberlain motors. Sense picked up the first one within 10 days. The second one showed up in device learning and took a while longer to appear as an actual device.

Now I have two listed. The first icon is an actual garage door, the second icon looks like a gear cog.
Sense initially mixed up garage door 1 and 2 but now one device is shows active when either garage door is opening, the other shows active when either garage door is closing. It ideal but It is still learning. I’m on day 19 and have 11 devices(not unique appliances) with 2 more learning.


You are lucky, I too have two Chamberlain garage door openers and Sense does not know they exist after four months. I think that might be because mine are the battery backup type that I think run from an inverter when power is available and run from the DC battery when power is out.


Isn’t it funny how everyone’s experience is different? On my second device, after two weeks I’ve got 8 or 9 appliances tentatively identified. Microwave was lightning fast, then water heater, then stove elements. Much faster than the first device I had. It really does seem to me that it’s learning these things and assigning them faster.

Of course, everything is labeled with a “maybe” because I’m well aware of the tendency to forget and mislabel :slight_smile:


I just noticed mine draws more watts(408W) and has a more full on>off profile. Probably made it easier to detect.

They are 1/2hp belt about 2 yrs old.




Mine has a very unique signature yet does not draw that much power since it works on DC I believe.


How frequently do you use it, Howard? We only use ours every other day or so, and it has a pretty low profile. It’s a craftsman belt/battery backup model less than a year old that uses maybe 200w. I’d be surprised if it gets identified any time soon. But I’m smarter than Sense and can see it :slight_smile:


I agree with you, if we can visually see the device by just looking at a graph then Sense should be able to easily see it too. One of ours does not get used that much, maybe twice a day. The other one gets a lot of usage. My wife walks our three Siberian Huskies twice a day in two shifts. So in the morning she will open and close it to take one out, then she will open and close it to come back with that one and then open and close it to take the other two out and then open and close it returning with the other two. That process repeats in the afternoon when she does it again. None of that included actually taking the car out at all. So, I would say that one probably goes up and down a lot more than most garage doors.

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