72 Hour Sense Review


Like many others I was curious if Sense would find my devices and how long would it take. Motor 1 was found after 25 hours from the install and I identified it as the Fridge. In 72 hours Sense found 9 devices. It auto detected the Garage Door, Water Heater, and Microwave.

The weather has been nice lately so the heat/ac has not run. The washer and dryer was only used once during this time.

I have two garage door openers that are exactly the same model. Sense thinks it is the same garage door.

Hopefully this is helpful for others.

Motor 1 -> Fridge
Device 1 -> Not sure what this is yet.
Motor 2 -> Chest Freezer
Heat 1 -> Stovetop
Heat 2 -> Stovetop
Motor 3 -> Dishwasher
Garage Door
Water Heater


What type of Garage Door opener do you have? Sense does not see mine after a few months.

I’m at 18 devices.

What changes have you made, or what changes do you anticipate making based on your Sense data?


That is phenomenal and certainly not typical results most people it takes months to identify that much



The garage doors are LifeMaster (M885).

In one week Sense has found 14 devices.

I was curious about energy usage for many devices. Sense has me more conscious of leaving lights and devices on. The stats and usage for devices is interesting. I didn’t know certain devices cycled so often each day. No major changes at this point just learning more about the devices in the home.



There were not many recent reviews on how quick Sense found devices. I worried it would take months to find a few devices but have been happy with the results.