Garage Door Opener


2 days after my initial installation, my Sense detected ‘Motor 1’ which I quickly realized is my garage door opener. I also see in settings that a garage door opener is pending.

Should I remove the ‘Motor 1’ or rename it to ‘Garage Door Opener’?


Rename it :slight_smile: Better to wait and see how things play out…


Certainly rename, removing shouldn’t be used very often … Your devices will be found as “generic” things (motor, heat source, device, etc). You should just rename it, and it’ll track correctly going forward. I honestly can’t figure out the “Pending” thing. To me, it’s just marketing, so people see something “happening” while they are being told to be patient.


Same here, it certainly doesn’t seem to follow any rhyme or reason. I’ve had my water heater being learned for nearly the entire time I’ve had Sense installed. Meanwhile, I checked the other day and a microwave is on deck…except my microwave is the first thing Sense found. Maybe it’s fitting a better model?

Glad to hear more and more garage door openers are being found, though - perhaps there’s hope mine might some day :slight_smile:


Do you happen to have a hot tub? I also have had my water heater in the learning state the entire time. I think it misreads my hot tub heater which is why I think it wont come out of learning. Sense detects some variation that makes it not confident in its device detection. Its an electric water heater so maybe because it has two heating elements also is why.


I wish :wink: Nope, just the hot water heater, which is one of two big consumers in the house and the only one we can really mitigate. The other - air conditioning, is something we have little control over.

The water heater has been having some trouble - missing a run entirely, or partially, or picking up just one leg entirely or partially. I’ve sent a report about it in and tech support emailed me yesterday that they thought they’d found the problem.

Here’s a screenshot of one frequent observation:

Note that my water heater is on a timer and consistently runs both legs. Here it is in the wild:

It’s possible the coffee maker being turned on threw it off. In contrast, in the evenings when it comes on at 5 I think my solar may be throwing it off. We’ll see if support was able to fix it :slight_smile:


I have two identical garage door openers. I’ll discount what happened in older (pre 2017) versions and just comment where I am now. Sense has found 2 openers, but it seems to be random as to which one it picks to show activity in. It also sometimes double reports the same event, as well as sometimes missing them totally. I’ve noticed that the load Sense reports on open/close is different (which is logical, given the physics of the situation), but also that it fluctuates by 100W or so. Maybe on cold days the door is tougher to move? Maybe the light coming on at “almost” the same time confuses it?

The garage door openers are on a sub-panel on the other end of the house from the main panel. So far they are the only load Sense has identified on that sub panel. I wish they could support more than one unit in a house and/or more monitors for individual branch circuits to help deal with problem devices. For me I would say it’s correct about the garage doors only about 75% of the time.


It might not hurt to try the new “report” feature associated with devices. It might not help, but it might not hurt. Alex responded to my first report within a few days and so far it seems as if whatever he did to correct my water heater model worked.


I also have two identical garage door openers and Sense consistently sees them as the same one. Support acknowledged that this is bug and that they are working on it. I for one have no idea how the two openers could possibly differentiated but that is another matter. One thing I did add in my follow up report to them is that the garage doors themselves are different sizes, one controls a single bay door while the other controls a two-bay door, and that maybe the one controlling the larger door has to work harder?

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