Garage Door Opener Issue

Had an old garage door opener that Sense found reliably. Then it died :confused:. Got a new one (LiftMaster) with WiFi (love it). The app tells me every time it moves (see image) Problem Statement: Sense keeps finding the old opener (no new activity since it was removed) and won’t find new signal. Some have theorized it’s due to the “soft start” of the new devise. Any ideas on how to permanently kill old signal ID and find new one?.

I had the same problem with a garbage disposal, which it found again last week two or three months after we replaced it :slight_smile: I just delete it each time it shows up.

I have the Craftsman version of your garage door opener, basically the same except for the badging, and after a year it’s not been found. It’s a pretty low demand device, so I’m not too concerned that it hasn’t been ID’d. I’m more upset the API for Craftsman is restricted and we can’t tap into it with Smartthings.

@mstraka606 Just to clarify, did you delete the old device in the app? If not, I definitely recommend doing so.

Given that Sense does look at recent historical data to identify devices, it may get re-detected for a little while unfortunately. Deleting the old device does give the system a better opportunity to learn the new one vs conflating it with the old opener, though. This is an issue we’re aware of and do plan to address.

Hi Ben. Yes, I’ve deleted it twice…will do so again.

Lol - it found it again this morning, along with some other things, so that’s cool.

NJHaley you are so lucky! I long for the day when Sense finds 1 of my 2 garbage disposals (or washing machine, clothes dryer, …you get the idea). I haven’t had a meaningful “find” in months. Did you do something other than delete those devices? Also I’ve heard this section of the app isn’t working…can we get rid of it then?’s giving me false hope of great things every time I look at it. image

The garbage disposal was one of the first things it found - hang in there. What brand do you have? I started with an insinkerator which was pretty quick, the Moen replacement took a little while. I just keep deleting things when it refinds them. I suspect that either the new stove or heating element might be our old dishwasher…probably the heating element. I think the new stove might be a crock pot we were using this week.

We’ve had pretty good luck with device identification. I wonder if it’s because we have a relatively simple house. 2100sqft, two adults and a child, just one of each appliance, etc. It’s only found the initial spin of the washer, but it’s found two different parts of the dryer. We just picked up a new smart TV so I’m excited to see if it can find it with the network detection feature.

I agree about the device detection section - fix it or delete it. Preferably fix it because it would be a useful feature if it worked.

@mstraka606 and @NJHaley, I apologize for any frustration with that ‘Device Detection’ section. We’ve been discussing some fixes in that regard.

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Thanks Ben…no worries. I’m (obviously) patient! While I have you in the detection topic. How do I get sense to realize that there are 3 separate devices in this signal…hot tub heater and clothes dryer?

Hmm, this isn’t an already detected device, right? Those devices just haven’t been detected yet?

Ultimately, it’ll come down to improvements to our detection algorithms. Hot tub detection is something we know needs some improvement. If the devices are being incorrectly conflated in some way, you could use the ‘device is not on’ feature or delete the device. Sometimes deleting a device that is getting conflated with another helps the device get more accurately re-detected. Wish I had a better “action item” here!

Ok I deleted that device (identified it correctly as a heater). Hopefully
it won’t conflate again. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Ben. Sense found my Hot Tub heater and the pump on low and high speeds and has been solid for the past week.


Great to hear @dennynh. Thanks for letting me know!

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